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Thread: Gwp litter expected 30/6/12

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    Gwp litter expected 30/6/12

    My Gwp is due a litter of pups on the 30/6/12. My bitch is worked full-time on deer. Anyone who knows me and has seen her work will be able to say just how capable she is. The furthest track and kill she has done to date was a beast shot by a client through the foreleg, the distance that she tracked and killed it was 950m. She will also work on birds. She is obiedient, is good with kids and is good with other dogs. The dog I have used is owned by someone who normally stalks 2 days a week. I selected this dog because I had heard of him from reliable sources of the way he works, his nature, his large size and good conformation. The main reason for the litter is to keep a bitch pup to eventually replace the dam. However I will(if all goes according to plan) sell the surplus pups. If anyone is genuinely interested in booking a pup pm me for further details.
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    I personelly can vouch for 284s GWP (awsome) If something goes wrong with a shot beast this is the dog to have. Steady, bidable, detection on stalk, tracking ablity outstanding and including bird work. Anyone considering a dog for woodland/hill should make enquires. both are a very profesional team with a mountain of knowledge between them..

    Hope this helps someone make the right decision

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    Litter now born, all doing well. Please look at classified ads for dogs

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