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Thread: lawton actions

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    lawton actions

    Im thinking of buying a lawton action for a gun build any 1 no anything about these actions ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by batleyhunter View Post
    Im thinking of buying a lawton action for a gun build any 1 no anything about these actions ?
    If you look at my gallery, you will see a .243 AI built by Russell Gall using a Lawton action. Secondly, when I was at South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies in Barnsley recently, Roger showed me some Lawton actions that he had in stock. Either of these folk could give you their professional opinion of Lawton actions. As you will see on the following link, there are lots of actions out there. Each rifle smith will have his current favourite that he likes to work with. Borden is one that's been on my wish list for a while. Surgeon is another that I have handled and thought about, but any of them would do a job for me.

    I would suggest starting with the cartridge and discipline that you want to shoot, make up a dummy round and then getting some quotes for the build that you want.

    Good luck. JCS

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    As you ponder the build, here are some of the things that I considered recently:

    Mcmillan stock
    Calibre that uses Lapua/Norma brass
    Jewell trigger
    0 MOA scope rail
    Magazine – a very tricky area. I favour a floor plate, but as you get into beefier actions, some aren’t designed for top loading.
    Get a common threading on the end of the barrel.
    Barrel – the best you can afford.
    Barrel - suitable twist agreed based on expected usage.
    Chambering – make it a tight neck and supply a dummy round

    Have fun and take your time.
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    yes, I had one in 6.5x55, LW 22" barrel, jewel trigger, Manners T1 stock, it was put together by Steve Kershaw, and shot (shoots) stupid accurate with 120 BT. Used it n Fallow and Roe, the only downside to the complete set up was that I found it a bit heavy for my ancient frame when stalking, otherwise it was great,very smooth, built in rail, fluted and all the pretty things as delivered.

    I sold it thru this site, and I believe the buyer was pleased with it.

    I have heard some negatives about the actions since Barnie Lawton passed on a couple of years ago, but no reason to suppose that the delivery niggles haven't been sorted out.

    As JCS says, I believe that SYSS are still the UK Agents, you could try asking "Baldie" for his advice on your proposed build.

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    My friend Alycidon has a .20BR built on one, i am sure he will be along soon to tell us about it.


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    Don't touch a Lawton Action these days with a barge pole.Terrible quality, appalling customer service, and not a person who works there has a bloody clue.

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    What action would you guys pick if you was to build a rifle?

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    Impala from Anglo Custom Rifles had my 7MM-08 built on one, superb action IMO one of the best on the market, and its British
    7mm-08 of course!

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    Mate has lawton action built in 6 br. Very nice and dead accurate. All the top actions are good.
    Have a read up on them all before you pick one to build on

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    Yes ive been reading all about every action you can poss get and im still none the wiser its ether a blue printed remmy or full blown custom job

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