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Thread: tikka rifles

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    tikka rifles

    tikka 595 or t 3 lite , .222 which is the better rifle ??? and why ?

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    The 595. Shorter action, better stocks.

    However, I would ignore both and search guntrader or Gunstar for a Sako in the correct action size.

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    I have used both the above and can't fault either (accurate & reliable) however I've recently started to use a

    Tikka M55 which in my opinion is of superior build quality.
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    595 every time. Better than the T3 and the Sako 85.

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    Plastic bits have a habit of falling off a T3 S.S in my experience.

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    Had a 222 on a 595 action. Smooth action. Good trigger and simple safety. Rebarreled to1 fireball.
    which I sold but had to get a second m595 as I really rate them. Imo there one of the best factory s actions to build on

    can be had at the right price. Mcmillan do stocks for this action. I have one on my 17 Remington m595. Its lovely
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    In .222 the T3 will not chamber a round placed through the ejection port. Particularly annoying if you shoot heavier heads or want to load the round to chamber length as they don't fit in the magazine either. This is because the action is compromised/sized to accept rounds like a 300 win mag. My T3 in .308 will chamber the round ok. This is all due to the centre height of the round and the size of the cut chamber in the barrel.

    If the 595 does not suffer this problem then it would win hands down, as long as the barrel and trigger is on par with the T3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by claret_dabbler View Post
    the 595. Shorter action, better stocks.

    However, i would ignore both and search guntrader or gunstar for a sako in the correct action size.
    bang on

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    I have a 595 in 7mm08,
    I looked at the T3 and found it too light/flimsy

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