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Thread: False pregnancy

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    False pregnancy

    Does anyone else live with a dog prone to false pregnancy. I have a 16 month old GWP that after her first season started showing the signs. She now has milk ! Just like some advice/ opinions really, I've been to the vets and they have said to just leave her for 2 weeks and if its showing no signs of easing she'll start meds.
    The vet has said that the only real solution is to have her spayed. However I planned to breed with her and thats not because she's mine but because I believe she has very good Qualities in all HPR aspects that should be continued. so do i put up with it or is spaying the only option.

    Thanks in advance CG

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    False Pregnancy

    False Pregnancy (pseudocyesis) is a normal part of the bitch's cycle. It's not fully understood why or how it happens, but it might be an evolutionary adaptation. The alpha female has pups, the rest are then able to suckle them, thus ensuring more survive.

    It is self limiting and will settle with time. There are treatments, but the only time I've used them is when I need the milk to dry up pre-spaying or there are severe behavioural changes. This can be docile to aggressive or vice versa. If it's just a very mopy bitch, carrying a toy then time will cure it.

    Your vets are correct - give it time and yes, spaying will cure it. But that's not an option if you want to breed so I'm afraid you'll have to live with it. Cutting food and water down and increasing exercise (not easy with a GWP) may help. She is likely to do this at each season, so once you've bred, I'd get her spayed. There is an association between regular false pregnancy and pyometra in later life.

    Hope that helps

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