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Thread: Nocturnal Muntjac?

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    Nocturnal Muntjac?

    Hello everyone I've got a bit of problem I need some help with. Through doing the pest control on a local farm I have gained access to a wood which is about 600 yards by 100 and judging from the slots well used by Muntjac. The problem I have is the woods are used by dog walkers and the farmer has given up on trying to keep them out. I got up at 5 the other day trying to beat them to it only to bump into someone at 5;45 walking their dog. Afternoon sessions are much the same with about the last 20 mins of light being the only chance I get, including getting into position. I have seen the Muntys when lamping fox and am wondering if they've become totally nocturnal due to the disturbance. Anyone got any suggestions how to improve my chances.

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    Put up some shooting signs?
    Where I am there is a wood with a footpath through it which is not public, but the public use it, joggers dog walkers, horse riders.
    The farmer prefers this to them using a public footpath across a field, so reduced crop damage.

    Or get a permit to shoot them a night from Natural England I think. May not be easy to get?

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    night vision

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    high seat (with warning) and baited kill zone.

    Nothing to stop you shooting if the public are about as long as you dont shoot too many of them

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    Wait until the clocks go forward at the end of the month and see if your dog walker is out at 04:45?


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    shoot his dog - then he wont need to walk it

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    Thanks for the advice, can you explain the baiting bit please, what when how etc..

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    Not my field of expertise but it keeps coming up on the site. Molasses and sheep nuts (feed not testicles ) seem to be a recurring theme. I'm sure others will pitch in with their 2penneth.

    Really you are just looking for something the munties like to come for and that might keep them in view long enough to plug one.

    Obvious alternative is to locate the seat in an area where there is lots of evidence of actvity anyway. You might need to put a bit of work in to clear your line of fire, target area etc but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

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    Is the wood used for pheasant shooting at all? If so, think about siting a pheasant feeder in the line of sight from the high seat. I can't remember how many munties I've shot that were eating pheasant corn....but it's a lot.


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    pheasant feeder

    To be fair you could put a pheasant feeder out whatever, works for roe, munties and fallow. A spring on the bottom (sycon type) makes em work for it a bit.

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