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Thread: Lightest .308 factory round???

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    Lightest .308 factory round???

    Does anyone know the lightest (bullet weight) foctory expanding round for .308??? Thanks for any helpCraig

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    Well Winchester used to do a 110 grain loading, not sure if they still do, I have some of the old Blue and White empty carton from them an old chap gave me with the fired cases in.

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    The lightest I have been able to find is 150 grain, just wondered if there were lighter projectiles out there?

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    You could explore your way around the various ammo manufacturers web sites and see what they offer, I've just looked at Federal as an example and they don't make anything lighter than 150 grain that I could see. There is a 123 grain Sako load that is very popular indeed with many highland stalkers and it is the lightest I know of and I can also be confident that it works well on deer.

    Your problem in the UK will be that you might find a load that takes your fancy but getting someone to sell it to you, especially getting a reliable and regular supply, will probably be difficult. You would also need to be careful that lighter bullets were suitable for deer, if that is your intended target, and not just frangible bullets designed to destroy small vermin.
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    Well a bit of searching and it seems to show that the light weight bullets have been dropped. Winchester do load a 125 grain bullet in the 30-06 but for some reason not in the .308.

    Good Luck with your quest.

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    Before reloading I was using the 123g sako; it's pretty readily available, and seemed to work on foxes and roe (didn't try anything else but assume it would work well on reds/Sika).

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    Remington dropped production of their 55 grain, saboted .224/308 round a while back....~Muir

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    It turns out Sako do a 102 grain hollow point in .308 Win

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    I use the Sako 123gr on muntjac, roe, red and occasional fox with no problems at all. Good reliable and fairly cheap ammo.

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