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Thread: Jelen Deer Services - How to skin a Roe deer

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    Jelen Deer Services - How to skin a Roe deer

    Hi Everyone,

    We've just done our latest video, again due to requests from SD members, on skinning a deer.

    Please let me know if you need any help or advice on anything connected with carcass preparation.

    Best regards,

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    Very good Mike.....Have you had your hair cut?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Do you mean my hair looks very good? ....... Or the video

    Dave did a skinning job on me head just before he started filming!!!

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    Thanks Mike,Always had hassle removing the rear leg "socks", it's so simple to do using your method. Can't wait to try some of the techniques suggested.Thanks again,WilliePS Admin should consider making a sticky or subsection where the recent videos of skinning, gralloching etc could be viewed by novice or experienced members.
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    Enjoyed that - good video. Thank you for posting.

    Would have commented sooner but had a sudden strange flurry of orders for Mora Roe knives ( the ball ended short one you used first ) - couldn't figure out why until I saw the video! Just glad your commission rate is so reasonable

    Given previous comment ( as Oakleaf ) on previous video - felt only fair to say how good and helpful thought this one was.
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    Nice one Mike

    getting to be quite a film star now hope to see you soon

    Paul D

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    Nicely done great to see prime meat treated with the respect it deserves.
    And for your next task a roe buck left in a roe sack all curled up and stiff.

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    Mincer!!!!!! .......... (not you mate, I mean the Roe out of the Roe sack!)

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    You know all about mincers ...... Sweetie

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    Great stuff Mike.

    Regards Mark.

    Galloway deer services.
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