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Thread: Deer and Montbretia Bulbs

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    Deer and Montbretia Bulbs

    Has anyone come across deer (reds in this case) digging up montbretia bulbs. I dropped into a holiday house I look after the other day and they've made a hell of a mess.

    Does anyone know if the bulbs may be toxic? If so, may the toxins carry through into the meat?

    Just in case you don't know, montbretia is a common garden plant in the highlands and has escaped in many areas to colonise verges etc.


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    I believe most flower bulbs are toxic to humans but probably not to deer.
    I have a stalking friend who is in a toxic coma due to this. He used to get fish and chips with a pickled onion every friday night after work. Just after Christmas he collapsed in a toxic coma late one friday evening. Turns out his normal pickled onion was actually a pickled Daffodill bulb! Me and a couple of friends have tried talking to him about shooting etc to try and bring him out but to no avail.
    They are curently trying a new technique pioneered by the Dutch. He has been placed in a warm room by a big window where he gets loads of natural sunlight. They reckon he should come out in the spring.

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