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Thread: maybe for sale...

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    maybe for sale...

    contemplating letting go of my sako 75 .243 in blued wood. 9/10 condition, not screw cut. probably less than 250 rounds through it atm. could come with warne mounts (30mm)

    would like close to 900, do you think this is attainable? if anyone is interested at this price band, please let me know. If I get any interest I will post pictures, but I think we all know what a good condition 75 looks like anyway.

    reason for 'maybe' selling, dog needs surgery x2 and it's very straining on the finances...


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    Dare I say 'Shoot the dog and keep the rifle'!?

    Kind regards,


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    Your a harsh man Tim1, im glad im not your dog!
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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