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Thread: Pecar Berlin 3-7 x 36 scope Duplex reticle in First Focal Plane

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    Pecar Berlin 3-7 x 36 scope Duplex reticle in First Focal Plane

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    Pecar Berlin 3-7 x 36 variable scope with Duplex reticle in the First Focal Plane,
    plus Burris Signature rings and choice of inserts, 0, +5, +10

    Classic stalking scope, steel tube, superb glass, Duplex reticle complete with a set of Burris Signature rings (like optilocks - plastic inserts, fit Leupold/Burris bases)
    This would compliment any traditional Rifle, good condition, no dents, 26mm tube.
    See pic below: On x7 mag two specks of dust can be seen on the left thick post of the reticle, spoken to Paul Burke (Ex-Parker Hale) and he said he would clean and re-gas for about 20, choice is yours.

    200 posted RM Recorded

    thanks for looking

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    Pecar a good scope, mate but not @ 200 dollsrs

    Have one on my 22 an love it, set at 6.
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    I think this has been mentioned on here before, if you don't like the price you don't have to buy it,
    but tell me of a comparable quality scope for the money and I will buy one !

    Steel tube, fantastic quality lenses, reticle in first focal plane, variable magnification

    nearest modern equivalent all with alloy tubes
    Docter 1.5-6 x 42 ............ 600
    Zeiss Classic 1.5-6 x42 ..... 800
    prices from Uttings website

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    Pecar are very good scopes. I believe they went bust as they would not compormise on quality or move production to a lower cost location, such as Hungry.

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    @ chesapeake that is worth 200 all day
    if fact I would hazard it is in fact a bargain

    I have sold three of these in much lower trim and fixed mag within the last 6 months for in excess of 120

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    I see things don't alter.. When I listed my 3-7x36 Pecar with the fine cross hair reticle I got all sorts of derisery offers like:-

    "I'll give yo 60 quid for it"

    So after a time I put it on e-bay and got more snide remarks as to you'll have to pay commision etc. Now that was back in early 2011 or late 2010 if I recall correctly but on e-bay I got if memory serves me correctly just under 200 for it plus postage. Just a bare scope no mounts and the less desirable to my mind plain fine cross hair not a duplex.

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    Thank you gentlemen, I really appreciate your positive input, I have tried to price the scope fairly, its condition for its age is rather good and the Signature rings are probably worth more than 30 on their own.


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    These fetch good money flyboy, you see the odd one on ebay, unless you get 200 for it keep it. i have the 4-10 x 45 and its a great scope.

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    Just swapped this onto my 22 K Hornet to see how I get on with it, still for sale . . . for now


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