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Thread: Inherited Shotgun

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    Inherited Shotgun

    Been lucky enough to inherit a miroku shotgun, but not lucky enough to get any detail about it other than the serial number.

    I've googled but can't find any reference to linking serial number and model.

    Does anyone know a site where it's possible to get info on a shotgun using just the serial number?

    Any helpful suggestions would be very welcome thanks.

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    put a picture of it up chances are someone else might have the same model especially if it has any engraving on it. might help might not.

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    From the engraving it looks like a miroku 800 Sport, it will have 28" or 30" barrels with a 2 3/4 chamber - They were usually fixed choke (Normally full & full!!)


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    Mike - thanks for the info, I appreciate you taking time to reply. I'll do some more digging based on that.

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