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Thread: Deer cart

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    Look in your local angling shop, or check the internet. Anglers are always taking loads of kit with them and you might find a carp barrow that will suit.

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    Hi Mat

    I was thinking of something similar because of a bad back for the next year or so (until it recovers).

    The fishing tackle route looks favourite mate.



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    We all saw your shopping list mate, I think you might need a trailer and a team of sherpas

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    Hiya shootingdogduck

    You're not wrong!

    I bought a cheap wheeled overnight case from Tesco's the other day for 7.00 to save my aching back carrying the damn stuff! - a very fetching "raspberry" number that makes me look like a, well lets just say it stands out from the normal shooting croud!

    Works a treat mind.


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    A bit of effort, couple of large golf buggy style wheels, a couple of lightweight ladder sections - and Robert is your mother's brother!!

    Hinges down for easy transport, wheels knock off and stow inside the ladder sections. the ratchet straps keep it closed up and provide shoulder straps if you wish to walk it in. Get to the carcass and they will hold it securely onto the cart.

    Mind you - I still prefer driving the landrover right to the carcass when dealing with a Red!

    Rgds Ian

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    A friend of mine has a collapsible wheelbarrow type thing bought off the net cost about 20 I think he said he has transported a couple of Sika hinds at the same time in it.


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    Hi Mat

    Cabelas sell this one plus others, I know its a US seller but I & friends have purchased from them in the past & they offer a brilliant service to overseas buyers, $99.99 (71.00) is pretty cheap & the postage & VAT will not be much.


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    I'm probably going to try the DIY route first and see how I get on...

    I've got an old golf cart that I nicked off my bro, so I'll try converting it, I may even try it as is, it's got a couple of conveniently placed straps. I imagine that it might break when I put a small roe on it Then again how much does a set of golf clubs weigh?

    I've also got a spare kitchen unit, I could screw a pair of wheels and a sink to it and it'd be ready to go It'd also be a benchrest on wheels, how great would that be

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    Actually I think wheelbarrow wheels would be the way to go, and they are usually available at farm supply type places and builders merchants..

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