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Thread: 6x47 Lapua

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    6x47 Lapua


    Anyone used or heard of anyone using one of these for Roe?

    I am think about moving away from my win243, and I fancy another 6mm round like the 6x47 lapua; but getting much data on it is proving hard...

    FPS & thus ft.lbs looks OK from what I have seen but confirmation of this would be ace prior to spend hard earnt cash!



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    Its the newest wonder calibre in benchrest,can do no wrong...I was going to get a 6x47 barrel for my savage,had a dummy cartridge for the throat,but never took the plunge.

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    I have taken the plunge - hopefully get my Sako back within the next couple of weeks - if Avon and Somerset every return my FAC!!!!

    Dies arrive this week - I already have the brass, bullets and powder. Hopefully I will find the time to get test rounds made up and ready to go...

    Have found out a little more info since I posted this originally - I should get 3000fps+ with a 105gr bullet! More than enough

    I will let you know how it goes...



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    Please do.Whats the availability of 105gn amaxes?I bought 2 boxes a couple of weeks ago just in case they are the last boxes i see for ages.

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    Whats the availability of 105gn amaxes?
    I tend to shoot Berger 105gr / 108gr VLD's. Generally I get them from Midaway, though I have just picked up 200 from Bushwear of all places, and they were cheaper!

    Midway do carry Hornady A-Max's but I have always tended to stick to what I know. That said, it will depend on what my new barrel likes


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