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Thread: Fast twist 22/250 load advice

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    Fast twist 22/250 load advice

    I am having my old 22/250 Rem rebarrelled in a 1 in 9 twist. 24" fluted barrel. I am asking if anyone can reommend loads for the bullets in the 60 to 75 grain bullet range. I usually use N140, N150, Varget.
    Any tips gratefully recieved.

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    hi mate give sir slots alot ON HERE A PM. he ran a 1 in 9 twist 22/250 with 75 grain amax for bit. with superb accuracy and velocity. a great longrange vermin and fox thumper

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    Hi! Just a question to you - will you recommend the type of the gun you are using?
    timed typing test

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    I'm currently on travel, but will have to check my notes when I get home. I used to run a 1-7 twist 22-250 on a FN commercial Mauser. Honestly, I found the loss in velocity (the main benefit of a 22-250) with heavy bullets, not worth the effort. The accuracy was MOA, but the project was eventually shelved and the rifle currently sits in the back of the gun safe, devoid of glass, awaiting a .366 blank for a 9.3x62mm rifle. As they say, "The only interesting rifles are accurate ones"...and I'm still sitting on the better part of a 1000 75gr BTHP's that'll probably get loaded into something or other in time...
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