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Thread: This mornings stalk.

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    Vidio not available at 21.16 John

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    exellent footage that ,i liked breeze when she realised you had stopped and she ran back .
    keep them coming,wayne
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    I know mate it made me chuckle, she couldn't see the doe till they got close to each other then looked for me and thought DAD!

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    Great footage, I don't think she was expecting to get as close as that!

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    Brilliant John, thats a cracking looking buck if you can leave him to come on....real big body.
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    I reckon one squeak on a buttulo and you've been wearing that doe. She's got fawns real close.
    Why don't they do that in winter.

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    He would have been shot then if it wasn't a novice who wasn't steady on the sticks.
    His time will come soon.
    I don't leave any for next year if I can put the time in to get them this season.
    He is handy and will go.

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