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Thread: Police Search rights

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    Police Search rights

    Following on from the ammo under bolt question I am curious what rights the police have to search your vehicle? I have been stopped quite a few times lamping and although reg and name checks are carried out I have never been asked to produce my weapons nor to allow the officers access to my vehicle. Now to be clear I have not been doing anything wrong and the police I have encountered have never been called out to me or because of me. A couple came over as quite zealous but still no search, as such I assumed that they had no rights if they had no cause? Anyone know?

    On one notable occasion I had been stalking first and had 3 roe in the back of the truck. It struck me that had they searched I would have had the devils own job demonstrating where and when the deer had been taken. Driving around at night and with dead deer in the back!!!!!

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    When you get checked (ie) name registration etc it will come up automaticaly that you are a registered certificate holder, so if nothing is untoward then there is no need to check you out. (get stopped all the time at unsociable hrs)


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    Look up PACE on the net for most general powers. Each act Firearms act, Misuse of drugs, etc give different powers.

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    47 Powers of constables to stop and search.

    (1)A constable may require any person whom he has reasonable cause to suspect-
    (a)of having a firearm, with or without ammunition, with him in a public place; or
    (b)to be committing or about to commit, elsewhere than in a public place, an offence relevant for the purposes of this section,
    to hand over the firearm or any ammunition for examination by the constable.
    (2)It is an offence for a person having a firearm or ammunition with him to fail to hand it over when required to do so by a constable under subsection (1) of this section.
    (3)If a constable has reasonable cause to suspect a person of having a firearm with him in a public place, or to be committing or about to commit, elsewhere than in a public place, an offence relevant for the purposes of this section, the constable may search that person and may detain him for the purpose of doing so.
    (4)If a constable has reasonable cause to suspect that there is a firearm in a vehicle in a public place, or that a vehicle is being or is about to be used in connection with the commission of an offence relevant for the purposes of this section elsewhere than in a public place, he may search the vehicle and for that purpose require the person driving or in control of it to stop it.
    (5)For the purpose of exercising the powers conferred by this section a constable may enter any place.
    (6)The offences relevant for the purpose of this section are those under sections 18(1) and (2) and 20 of this Act.

    Above is a straight cut and paste from

    Hope that helps with your query.



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    Cheers BP

    A definitive answer, a truly rare gem on here

    I guess I have never been bothered as we check out

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    in my own experience i prefer to cooperate with the police etc rather than quote rights and laws, at the end of the day we all tend to hunt the same areas regularly and i am sure we can all do without making life harder on ourselves. Normally the first two or three words out of your mouth define the rest of the conversation when dealing with the police. I learned a lesson early on as a 17yr boy, i drove the wrong way up a one way street to avoid road blocks, only to find an RUC officer shining a torch and aiming a rifle at me, i was considering reversing back but someone else had the same idea and was tight behind me but to cut a long story short. i was telling the story to my boss the next day and he said "keith son i will give you some advice" if it is a constable say hello sergeant , if it is a sergeant call him inspector and if it is an inspector call him sir, now how did you address the officer. Well i said i got the first four letters of ****stable out and it went down hill very quickly from there.


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    Challenged the other day in the edge of a permission by two dog handlers, five more within earshot, on a training exercise.
    Rifle slung on shoulder.
    I asked if they needed paperwork, they replied "No Need"
    Must have been cross checked from car reg number.

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    I believe in full cooperation I was simply curious why I had not been searched or asked to produce the weapons. I guess its cos I'm a good guy!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootingduckdog View Post
    I believe in full cooperation I was simply curious why I had not been searched or asked to produce the weapons. I guess its cos I'm a good guy!!!!!!!!!!
    shootingduckdog (that's some name!), did you produce your gun/s, and if so I suppose the POlice having checked your details on the NFA register, cross referencing on the PNC (POLICE NATIONAL COMPUTER), and DVLA, may have wished to verify that any weapons you had were logged on the varios systems, perhaps ??

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    Is there any reason why you wouldnt co-operate with the police? Yes at times they can pop up at an inconvenience but overall I would prefer that than if they didn't. If you get stopped and they do or don't want to see documents then why not show them. If legislation says to store bolts, ammo or anything else for that matter in a certain way then why wouldnt you...

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