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Thread: medal roe buck!

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    Gold medal roe buck!

    decided yesterday evening to take a run up to some stalking ground i have in perthshire last night, it was lashing down with rain untill about 8pm when it started to ease up a bit.
    was having a wonder around one of the farms and was spying a biggish wheat field when i spotted a doe walking from one wood to another , as i was watching her through the glasses a beast ran across my view on taking my glasses down i could see this beast running towards the little wood so i put the glasses on him and nearly fell over!!!!!!
    here was a thing that looked big and was going back, as i sat and watched it going towards the wood , on the edge of the wood iw a willow hedge and i had already noticed a few weeks ago that something had been rubbing hell out of the trees and the farmer had mentioned it too. any way this beast causualy walked over to them had a wee rub agaist one of the willow then started nibbling the leaves of it.
    so that was enough for me,
    so i stalked around the field as i did the b uck wondered into the little wood this gave me a little time as there was a high seat not far from the wood which might give a chance of a shot if i got to it.
    anyway i got with in twenty yards when the roe jumped out of the wood and look away from me which gave me chance to get down and ready for a a shot ,
    i just got down on to me knee and the buck turned and looked at me with i had the cross hairs on the 30.06 on him and squeezed of the shot.
    he jumped about 5ft forward in to the standing crop and never moved again.
    i gave it a couple of min before i went over , went over to him and found this my mate was with me and he says its the biggest he has ever seen and i must agree with him its the BIGGEST i have ever seen.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	monster roe2.jpg 
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    What a monster, well done that's a good looking head!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Thats an absolute belter of a head, well done!!!

    Alba gu brąth

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    A perfect animal to cull, fantastic head and he looks as though he has a good age too. He will look great on the wall, well done !

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    What a cracking and unusual head mate! Great colour and pearling.

    I assume that is what was meant to come through on the text last night, new phone not set up for photo's yet so never got it.

    You getting it shoulder mounted to go with the others? Looks as though it would be well worth doing...
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    Well i am disapointed you could have chased it down the A9 to me what a head mate and i hope it gets top honers for you.Will you get it measured at the British hunting show. The CIC will be there with some of there european counter parts. Also means i can get a look at it. Let us know what it weighs when you boil it.

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    Stotter,well above gold I'd think
    Discretion assured
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    fantastic head well done regards pete .

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