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Thread: East Sussex Roe Buck

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    East Sussex Roe Buck

    Decided to go out and look for a roe buck in a small orchard between two large woods. Although I shoot a fair few fallow and boar through the season our roe population here is just establishing nicely. The owner had been seeing 'some of the little ones' recently and i counted 9 weeks to the start of the season so I thought why not go and have a look. Well Im glad I did. After hearing a shot from each wood I heard a rustling a little later and a roe buck come around the corner right under the seat. He walked 20 yards away directly in line with the seat. As I leaned forward my creaky seat alerted him. Glancing over his shoulder I decided to take a low neck shot with the 308 125 Nosler Bt which dropped him. Not the most challenging distance in the world but enjoyable with the speed it all happenened.
    View from the seat

    The beast

    And this morning

    ATB Steve

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    Well done steve, nice to know we are getting a few roe in our area, I like pergola did you build it ?.

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    well done m8

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    yes geoff thats all my own work. black zinc roof finishes it off nicely.

    ATB Steve

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    Nice buck, Steve

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    Nice Buck mate, well done...

    Alba gu brąth

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    Love those dark antlers mate!
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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    Love those dark antlers mate!
    yes mate lovely zesty smell to them as well. Another buck seen in there the next day!!

    atb steve

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