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    I've been looking through the site for a couple of days and thought it looks just the kind of thing I'm looking for so here I am, I'm based in Lincolnshire but travel all over the coutry as I've got an unusual job-I'm a professional crayfish trapper and also do a lot of coarse fisheries work (netting, electrofishing, re-stocking etc) in the winter when the crays are out of season.

    I've had a .22-250 (remmy 700) for about 5 years now and do a lot of foxing, mostly on the lamp as well as doing a lot of rabbiting with the .22, ferrets etc. The reason I started to look for a site that's deer orientated is that we're seeing more and more muntjac around here, since the law changed regarding the use of .22 centrefires for munties and CWD I got the conditions on my FAC altered and have steadily become more interested in stalking them on local estates to the point where I'm out around 3-4 mornings a week watching them and taking a few. Last week I took the plunge and changed my remmy for a Tikka T3 in .243 so I would also be covered for Roe, I'm waiting for my variation to come through at the moment and am really looking forward to picking up my new rifle and getting out with it. I'm looking forward to learning more.


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    Welcome to the site. Interesting job you do, not many crayfish trappers about I wouldn't have thought.

    I have a T3 Lite in .243 and love it, never let me down yet.

    Look forward to hearing of your Stalking. Don't be shy on here, everyone is willing to help on here, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.


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    Welcome to the site Benc

    Funnily enough ive just bought some crayfish traps to get some of those yanks near me in Hucknall.

    Ive noticed a few Munties around here too, I hope you get a few.



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    Congratulations on the Tikka, they're nice rifles.

    I bought my son a T-3 Hunter last year for his 16th birthday, and was very impressed with the quality of the metal work and the accuracy as well. The .243 is a good versatile cartridge (IMHO). I've had several over the years and still have one in a Win. Model 70 that does what it needs to when called upon.

    Congrats again and welcome aboard...

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    Thanks everyone, Tartinjock, there's only 2 of us full time in the UK as far as we know, everyone says its a funny job to do but I like it, I'm always outside and I can manage my time to get plenty of shooting in as well. There seems to be a lot of knowledge on here so I'm sure I'll learn a lot as I'm completely self taught with the deer, thinking hard about doing DSC1 for my own benefit.
    The rifle I've bought is a T3 light in synthetic (secondhand), I prefer wood but the deal was far too good to miss, all my mates who are keepers use the .243 for foxing and get on pretty well with them, I liked the .22-250, almost flat shooting to 370yds and didn't really want to part with it but it was 3rd hand and starting to throw flyers so has got to go, there are a few Roe in places here that I wasn't able to do anything with so the step up in calibre should help there too. I'll keep you updated on the stalks, whether I get any munties or not. A lot of my permission is munties only as there aren't that many Roe round here so it's mostly them and early morning foxes I find myself shooting. I don't know how you all find the muntjac but in my estates I see more in the early morning than the evening. Hoping my variation comes through in time for the 1st April.
    Daemo-if you want any help/tips with the crays let me know.

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    Hello mate

    I think one or two of us on the forum would benefit from some crayfish tips so please post away.

    I was just thinking of popping some oily fish in the traps and leaving them overnight - and seeing what turned up!

    Please point me in the right direction.


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