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Thread: Newbies from Lincoln

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    Newbies from Lincoln

    Hello everyone

    Let me introduce ourselves, if you haven't guessed already, I'm Pete and my lovely wife is called Jane.

    I have always had an interest in firearms and shooting, but for some reason channelled all my spare cash into remote control cars, helicopters, and motor bikes, the problem with these activities is, Jane never really enjoyed, or shared my enthusiasm, so I would go off on my own, leaving poor old Jane at home. . .

    But ! I mentioned about joining a local shooting club ( Reepham Shooting Centre ) and she was very keen, albeit a little apprehensive.

    We went along on a 'taster' day where we were able to try out different calibres and guns, it was such a friendly club that made us very welcome, so we joined !

    Since then we have been to Bisley, shooting on the 600yrd and 200yrd ranges, we both loved it

    We are now in the process of transforming our spare bedroom into a 'gunroom' complete with bench for reloading and space for our gun cabinet's, as soon as we have a gun cabinet we will apply for our FAC

    That's the story so far, just looking for a suitable cabinet now, any advise will be gratefully received

    Kind regards

    Pete and Jane

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    reepham is a really friendly club, i always enjoy going over for an hour or two on a saturday, nice to see more "locals"

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    Hi Ziggy,
    maybe see you down there sometime (going down tomorrow am)
    Cheers Pete

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    yes im hoping to be down in the morning too, see you there

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    N1, I used to work in Gainsborough, Jane still does, Kerry Ingredients

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    my aunty works there now, shona? i think shes in human resources

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    lol we both know Shona, Jane and Shona have already talked about you, wearing shorts all the time. . . . .
    You gona be wearing shorts tomorrow ?

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    haha yes, ill be there in shorts. ive just asked shona if she knew you and she said the same about talking about me and having recently joined reepham

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    Welcome to the site you two,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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