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Thread: X BOLT 223 Package

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    X BOLT 223 Package

    Hello All, I have for sale a Browning X Bolt 223 Synthetic stalker, the rifle comes screw cut, the x bolt mounts also comes with A full set of reloading dies, neck,full and seating dies several shot shell holders, case trimmer and a few other bits! also almost a full tub of varget and primmers with this i have 100 40gr bt reloads plus 40 factory loads, this rifle shoots a tight clover leaf grouping with the load, The LOAD is far from HOT and no hot loads have been used as it was a load given by a friend who had already developed it for his x bolt, I rifle is only 8 months old and fired max of 200 rds> I am asking 550.
    This is a very accurate fox rifle that has had little use. the rifle is sold as rifle and reloading only not scope and bi pod. Thanks for looking any questions please ask or pm for phone number.

    Many Thanks stu

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    Sold to Rick o Shea, thankyou! Let us know how you get in with the loads.
    Cheers stu.

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