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Thread: my first buck

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    my first buck


    Last week I spent 2 days with Ian Farrington with the aim of getting my first Roe Buck. I had booked 4 stalks, 2 evening and 2 morning which I hoped would be enough to get my buck.

    Ian had kindly agreed to take me out knowing that I was not in the best of heath mobility wise,so had tailored the stalks to suit my physical capabilities ie short walks and not too may hills.

    The first stalk was memorable, no buck to take a shot at but, we did see the most magnificent buck that Ian reckoned would have been a very good Gold medal in a field he had no permission on, so we just watched for a while admiring it stomping around marking its territory then we moved on but with no luck. Someone in the future will be very happy if they get the opportunity to stalk it.

    The next morning, we again saw roe, but this time females and fawns and no bucks. Disappointing but a great morning out again in fabulous weather and I cannot say I was too down about not getting a shot. To be truthful, we did see a small 2 point buck in the middle of a field but I decided not to take the shot as I could not get into a physically comfortable position and did not want to potentially mess the shot up, so I declined.

    That evening we went out for the next stalk. By this time I was in a lot of pain and Ian and I decided on a get in early, set up and wait strategy. On the way to ground we stopped on some high ground to spot deer and managed to see over 50 fallow and roe in singles and in herds. Plenty of deer if you just take the time to stop and watch a while.

    We got onto the down slope of a hill overlooking a wood known to have Roe in it. We got into position at about 8.45pm sat down and took turns to keep watch. After about 30 minutes when Ian was on watch, he saw a buck away to our left on the same part of the slope of the hill as we where and about 100 yards away and 90 degrees to where the rifle was set up.

    I waited for the buck to browse and then moved the sticks and rifle a few degrees and when the buck lifted its head I had to stop and wait for it to start to browse again before I could move again. After what seemed ages but was probably less than a minute I got the sticks and rifle round and into position. At last when the buck turned side on and offered a shot I was able to take it and heard the very satisfying thwack of bone being hit, so I knew it was a good shot. When we approached we could see it was a very clean 80/90yard shot and a nice 5 point head of which I was very pleased.

    Ian carried out a field Grallock and we got the deer back to the larder where he caped it for me and put the head in the freezer whilst I sorted out a taxidermist to do a shoulder mount for me.

    It is now with Paul Taylor for him to work his magic and when it is back I will post a nice picture of his work.

    Having achieved my goal of a buck and being in a fair amount of pain I decided not to take the last stalk and quit whilst I was ahead.

    I cannot thank Ian enough for his hard work and for Jo's hospitality, especially the way Ian worked round my problems getting me the trophy I was seeking. Again Ian has come up trumps and I would recommend his services to anyone seeking a great time stalking and great hospitality.



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    well done hopefully the first of many

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    Siebassman , i sounds like you certainly had to work hard for your buck .Congratulations .


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    Well done seibassman!
    And well done Ian
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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