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Thread: Do You Still Get A Buzz With The Bang when stalking

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    Do You Still Get A Buzz With The Bang when stalking

    So Ive have not put a post on for a while. Why!
    I have been busy doing some stalking, butchery and gamefairs. But Ive been wondering the past few weeks. DO I get as bigger a buzz asI used too, talking a deer.
    Answer Yes and No
    I went up to Dundee show the Deer Assassin how to skin andbutcher deer in return I took some lovely carcasses home as well as shootingsome of the best roe bucks I have ever seen. Now that was Exciting the land wastotal different to what im used to stalkingon the west coast. Did not have to work as hard to shoot the deer but it camewith its own challenges, like big open fields (not use to that) We shot manydeer in 3 days and saw a hole lot more. I enjoyed meeting Deer Assassin andteaching the butchery more than shooting. Roe stalking is a very solitary passtime for me and Im usually on my own when I shoot one, thus its seems to be NOto a buzz as it for meat for the freezer as Im not a trophy hunter.
    But in the last month Ive have taken two great guys off theSD, stalking for roe bucks up north and this is a challenge in its own right.
    The two guys in question are inexperienced stalkers. This iswhere Ive found the BUZZ again. On both occasions I found a buck and they wereboth taken.
    Wow Wow Wow the Buzz has returned it was a real rush seeingtwo guys taking their first ever roe bucks. Not only did I workhard but there did as well and they deserved it. Seeing how excited they were as well as their hearts almost popping out their chests plus that big grin. It was priceless. (If your reading this Neil no hugging next time )
    We are not talking trophy bucks we are talking first ever roebucks and it bought back good memorise of my first roe.
    Cant wait for the 20 plus red stags to be taken on myBeginners Courses later this year. Especially when the novice gets to take a 16plus pointer to hang on the wall. Sweet
    My Buzz is back so the answer is YES and I look forward to talking someone stalking again.

    A happy man again

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    Well done, happy for you.


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    Good for you mate. For what its worth I found your butchery course excellent.


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    Andrew I agree with you, I get a huge buzz when I take someone out and they get their first deer, and I know it's something they will never forget !

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    That buzz is what makes sure i have less money in the bank than I ought. The most recent one was with Sika malc stalking across a field with no cover to 120 yrds or a roe with it's head down grazing. The buzz was the sheer cheek of us and that any moment it would put it's head up. The shot was less me it is about the hunt/stalk.

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    The buzz for me starts when I glass a deer, while I'm working out the best way to get onto it. Up to the point where I squeeze the trigger, then the feeling changes to more of a relief as it becomes apparent the shot was good. I usually take a few minutes to let my heart get back into normal rhythm before approaching the deer, then the real works starts.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    That buzz for me with stalking is been out in the countryside and not knowing what you will see next, up early on a summers morning ( i try to beat the blackbirds) and seeing the sun rise and when you are walking along and a head or 2 will pop up out of the grass and it is fawns.

    And seeing how deer can do the funniest things which you have never read or seen before and then there is the stalk to see if you have the skill to earn the beast at the end of it.
    All this is the buzz of stalking for me and i dont shoot all i see there is no need too for me.

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    That saves me writing because I totally agree with Chrisc. I just love been out and especially sleeping under the stars and waking up to fresh air.

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    Too true. I've found that I get as much of a kick out of beating as I do shooting and, when stalking, shooting with the video camera as much as the rifle. As a frustrated desk jockey being out amongst it is just a pleasure even if it means the same round is becoming tarnished from being chambered so many times without being fired

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    For me it's all about the stalk, the thrill of the chase. The shot is just the necessary ending to the process. I'd be just as happy grabbing a shot with the camera (apart from the lack of meat in the freezer of course)

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