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Thread: Passed my DSC1 today

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    Passed my DSC1 today

    Been attending deer lectures as part of my second year on the Conservation and Wildlife Management Diploma at Sparsholt college and have just topped off a brilliant week of the DSC1 at the college by passing the safety test this morning!

    Did really well on the I.D test on monday, blitzed the 50 questions and the 40 game meat hygiene questions on wednesday and breezed through the shooting test yesterday and then to have it all hanging on the easiest bit to trip up on........I was a bag of nerves this morning, but i'd done my revision and it was a doddle once i'd calmed down.

    I've had a brilliant week and thouroughly enjoyed the whole experience, massive thank you to Des and Charles for making sure the four other lads from my course and I were all properly prepared for it all.

    Nearly twelve hours later and i'm still grinning like an idiot about it.

    Next step is finding some ground and getting the F.A.C sorted.


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    nice one mate wellcome to the club regards tony

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    You'll have a bigger grin when you get your own first rifle - well done!

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    Well done, and happy stalking in the near future.

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    Well done buddy best of luck with your Fac

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    Cheers guys

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    Well done, biggest hurdle completed!

    Level II here we come - you never stop learning in this game, especially in the field.


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