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Thread: SWARO gen2 Z6i

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    SWARO gen2 Z6i

    Has anyone had any probs with the new Z6i gen 2 i bought one 3 weeks ago and had to return it after 2 days as the illuminated reticle had smudged along the reticle line so you could not see the target at all.

    NOW 1 you could understand being faulty BUT NOT 4 in a row all have been retured to swaro 3 without even being fitted to my gun.
    I have now lost 3 weeks stalking on new land and a trip to scotland stalking.
    Its all such a matter of fact to them considering i have had 3 years of great service from the original Z6i.
    Any comments welcom (PS i know swaro have a great reputation for service but this is qaulity control i think letting them down) Even my local dealer is disgusted at this situation

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    I bought a Z6i 2,5-15x56 gen 2 BT a few weeks ago - haven't used it yet as I have been away so only zeroing it in tomorrow at the range, certainly appears OK at the moment. It was special build as I was looking for rail-mount option

    There was a comment on SD recently from someone mentioning problems with 3 gen 2 Z6i that he had seen reported on this fiorum - 2 problems were related to illuminated reticle shifting, the other was a condensation issue due to poor seals. I will be keeping a close eye on mine.

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    Just another thought - I did notice the reticle does bleed a bit, but by adjusting the focus and brightness of the IR it sorted the problem out - did you try that? I thought it might be normal as I would have expected some bleeding it the IR was on a high brightness and was out of focus and this is my first illuminated scope.
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