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Thread: factory loads in 243 for manlicher luxus

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    factory loads in 243 for manlicher luxus

    advice wanted
    I am new to stalking and I am seeking advice from other manlicher users as to what factory rounds perform best for them
    I am mainly stalking Roe and have started off using Norma 100 grn. but in reading the forums it seems that there is a great difference from one make to another in different rifles I intewnd to stick to the same bullet weight so as not to have to have different zeros to contend with . on the ground i shoot there is the odd sika one of the reasons not to choose a lesser weight of round I would be gratefull to hear your views

    Regards Chris

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    As a newbie myself ive asked similar questions.

    The best advice seems to be buy a few different types of factory loaded ammunition, get yourself to a range and see which one your rifle prefers.

    Im sticking to 100g bullets in my 243 - just about the heaviest for a 243 - so for me its a case just a case of trying the different brands in this weight - ensuring they are hunting rather than varminting bullets of course. (it'll say on the packet what animal they are intended for - but your local RFD will help show you the different types if you ask).

    Ultimately, 243 - 100g hunting bullets will kill all prey species in the UK, with the exception of boar - provided they hit the right spot in the animal.

    They might be considered overkill for foxes, but dead is dead for a fox - you're not using the meat so the damage is considered acceptable.



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    My manlicher and a friends for what its worth shot the best with RWS 100grn factory ammo, Norma would struggle to group on a diner plate but then your rifle might be the other way just a matter of trial and error.


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    I had loads of bother trying to get various cartidges to print, using my Steyr Mannlicher Classic. I tried Winchester, Norma, Remington, Sako and even tried Prvi Partizan. Mannlicher advised RWS 100 grain and I wouldn't use anything else.

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