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Thread: Sad day for gwent firearms

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    Sad day for gwent firearms

    A man with huge knowledge but always willing to learn never thinking he knew it all and always willing to help anyone irrespective of who they were. He was a "VOICE OF REASON IN THE WILDERNESS" to many of us amoungst the quagmire that is the interpritation of firearms law and guidance, a rare man who would see applicants as human and as customers who deserved the best service he could give them allways willing to work hard at a problem in order to resolve it in everyone's intrests even if it was difficult and created extra work for himself.
    I hope that he now finds time to enjoy his life at 63 he deserves it and that all the good will of all the people he helped over the years will come back to him, I for one will miss him greatly not just for the service but for the chats knowledge and humanity he brought to those he met good luck mate i hope you find the enjoyment you deserve in retirement.

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    which one is retiring.

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    Lawrence Whytam, I shall miss our short chats. I hope Lawrence enjoys his retirement and finds more time to get back into and enjoy his shooting or working dogs.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Never met Lawrence but he was the one there you could actually talk to and get a sensible answer i didnt think Lawrence ever had a short chat.

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    Have to agree Lawrence is a top bloke and always willing to help.
    Never had a single problem in all the time i have been dealing with him.
    Hope he enjoys his retirement.
    ps i know what you mean about "short chats" lol

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    I new Lawrence when he first joined Newport Wildfowlers in the
    early sixties as a very young man,he joined a group of us on a
    enjoyable fowling trip to Roscomman, he then went on to be
    a senior official at the club for many years, and Iunderstand
    that he went on to be a well regarded FO with Gwent.
    Best wishes to him in his retirement.

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    Yes spoke to Lawrence myself last week one of the old school a true gent,I hope the ones left behind will be as good as him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 177landy View Post
    Yes spoke to Lawrence myself last week one of the old school a true gent,I hope the ones left behind will be as good as him.
    A1+ I havn't met any yet.

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    Sent Lawrence a letter yesterday ( ref Open Ticket ) when is he going ????????



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    He finished last friday sorry m8 i hear his work is going to lyndon apparently

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