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Thread: .243 ROE DEER AMMO???

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    .243 ROE DEER AMMO???

    Hi all. I need some help please. I am reloading for my .243 and need a good load and bullet tip that works well on Roe without leaving a big exit or too much damage to the carcass. I would like to know what others have had success with to build a better picture of what works. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Hornady 87gn HptBt. 40gns of H380. Federal Mag primer.
    Been using it for years and never fails.

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    i use speer 100g spbt and 33g of h4895. does the biz

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    2x 5 round groups.

    As it happens, this load mirrors Federal Powershok 100gr.


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