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Thread: Take down rifles

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    Take down rifles

    Ey up blokes

    Is there such as thing as an accurate good quality take down rifle in deer calibres that won`t cause my tightfist gland to rupture??

    Only one I`ve seen is the blaser, but I paid less than that for my car!

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    Are you talking repeater, single shot or double rifle?

    Blaser make all three.

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    Sauer do a take down model 202 and either Verney Carron or Chapuis also do take down bolt rifles. Cost wise alot more expensive than the regular models.

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    There was a Mauser M03 on here last week for sale at 1250 in 308. It was sold very quickly.
    Look at the other thread running on this page 'modern take down rifles' all you need to know
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