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Thread: .222 rem

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    .222 rem

    has anyone shortend there .222 barrel ? to what length, and has it held its accuracy ???

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    From 26" cut to 16" and made no difference to accuracy.
    I use a 6x42 'scope so don't shoot out to more than 200 yards.
    I have also cut 2" off the end of the standard stock, so now I have a rifle more like a toy but still does the business at Foxy end !!

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    bet you have a over barrel mod on that as well ?? what rifle is it ??

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    had one at 18 inches was still very accurate,

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    Errr excuse me but unless it's very poorly done how exactly is shortening a barrel supposed to reduce precision on target?

    If .............................. if the rifle only had iron sights then yes reducing the barrel length would also reduce the sight radius and thus the precision of sighting which could effect the grouping ability or rifle and shooter together as a unit. It would not unless as previously stated reduce the precision on target of the rifle itself if say shot from a machine rest.

    Reducing barrel length will reduce the velocity in fact by cutting it back quite drastically likes some are mentioning one might as well get a .22 Hornet instead and save money on powder.

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    Barrel down to 19 3/4", accuracy actually now a couple of mm beter @ 200.
    Average MV drop was 94 fps (only chrono'd a box of Sako 50gr gamehead)

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    does shortening the barrel give the powder time to burn i thought it was ok in a rimfire but not good in anything else


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    I shoot a 10" .222 and it shoots as well as I can hold. Attached is a target from 100 yards.~Muir

    (handgun, by the way)

    PS: Appropriate powders burn in a short distance from the chamber. What is lost with a short barrel is the space for the expanding gas to act upon the bullet, imparting velocity until it expends itself or escapes at the muzzle.~Muir
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    Ahhh Muir ............................. pistols don't count .

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