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Thread: Determining twist rate?

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    Determining twist rate?

    Hi guys

    I had a rather Heath Robinson session last night trying to determine the twist rate of my rifle. (one of the draw backs to buying a rifle from a defunct manufacturer is that there is no info available for such things).

    I drew a line on a cleaning rod down the centre, then measured the distance it took to revolve fully in the barrel.

    My question is - how accurate is this meathod? - as it would appear that my rate is 1 in 8 / 1 in 8.5.

    Im not concerned what the twist is really, just curious - I was expecting 1 in 10.



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    I have used th method many times, even when I have known the manufacturers twist rate. It is pretty accurate as long as you dont go to fast and make the rod slip rather than turn.


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    I seem to remember a thread on here with pictures and a description of the proceedure, using a cleaning rod and a tight patch.

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