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Thread: sauer 202 or blaser r93 if you own either of these please let me have your comments

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    sauer 202 or blaser r93 if you own either of these please let me have your comments

    sauer 202 or blaser r93 if you own either of these please let me have your comments on yor rifles
    I like the idea of being to add aditional calibre to the one rifle
    How easy are the to change barrels and what is there acuracy like with factory ammo
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    My R93 would do half inch easy with factory .243, it does better then that with the 300wm barrel. Takes about a minute to change barrels including the bolt head.
    Best rifle I've ever had.
    The 243 with my home loads is capable of very good accuracy. Its out once a week with me, and I have utter confidence in it.
    I've not bothered to home load for the 300wm as its accurate enough for what I want, and I don't shoot that many rounds through it.

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    I have a sauer 202. Very easy to change barrels, couple of minutes, as well as change stocks (synthetic to wood etc). Although the preclusive thing is that you have to buy a new bolt as well as barrel and magazine to change between most of the calibres, and they are not cheap! If you are doing it properly and have quick detachable scope rings/bases and therefore a different scope with pre-zeroed to the different calibre, does make you wonder if it would be cheaper just to get a brand new rifle, like a CZ and just bring that out when you need it!

    Cracking rifle though the sauer 202!

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    R93 in .243 and another in .308.

    Plus points:
    Accuracy straight out of the box - certainly better than my old Sako 75
    Changing barrels (and scopes) is the work of a moment
    POI doesn't seem to change, whoever is behind the trigger
    Fast cycling time
    Breaks down into a handy size for travelling

    Minus points:
    Have to full size, rather than neck size, on reloads.
    Unless you are a reloading geek, you may well give up reloading given the Blasers seeming ability to shoot almost any factory ammo well
    Every accessory costs an arm and a leg
    Don't expect accessories built for standard QR studs to necessarily fit (Harris bipods excepted)
    You'll have to ditch all your existing bolt holders
    Endless quips from non-Blaser owners "oh, so you want your face mashed in when it misfires", "Blasers jam don't they", "crap plastic rifles", etc. etc.
    Having to then listen to the same non-Blaser owners explain why their grouping was worse ("a gust of wind", "I pulled that shot", "the battery on my reloading scales is playing up", "of course it's zeroed for 600 yards", "it's a new moderator", etc. etc.)
    Worst of all, having bought one Blaser you are likely to find yourself acquiring another...and another...

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    If I have it correct ?? - I think Blaser now own Sauer & shifted Sauer production to their site at Isny. They have for some years, also, used Sauer barrels on Blaser rifles.
    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

    Willie missed a plus point, I'm sure just an oversight, - they're just damn good rifles.
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    I have owned both and loved using both of them. I currently have an R93 with .243 and .223 barrels. If I knew what I know now then I would go for the Sauer 202. Why? Because it's just a nicer rifle to use IMO, is it better NO, just nicer. Hope that helps.
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    I had so much trouble with my 202 foreend wood touching the ( not) free floating barrel that I sold it on Callum Ferguson's advice ( of PRS). He has had so many in for the same reason and could not resolve the issue with that design. Sauer also make the barrels for Mauser. A custom made will cost less than the top of the range but more than Sako 85.

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    Blaser R93 it's got to be, I've had my first one over ten years. willie_gunn is right tho i've now got three stocks and eight barrels in 22rf,223,22-250,243,6.5x55,270 and two 308's.

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    Have got both, had the problem with Sauer forend and solved that in about 40 minutes. Both very good, but I think the Blaser might just have the edge on calibre change as there is less mucking about with scope mounting. I put a Picatinny rail on the Sauer to make it easier but in the end just had three different calibre 202s.

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    I have an R93, I've played with 202s and think they are great, very smooth and feel more classy than the Blaser. I also think the 202 is a great looking rifle while the Blaser is, to be honest, a bit on the ugly side.

    However, for practicality the plastic Blaser is hard to beat as it is easy to travel with, mine goes in a custom made flight case the size of a brief case and looks nothing like a rifle in transit, and when it gets wet you just pull the rifle apart, clear the water out and that's it clean in a few minutes. It also gets a good reputation for being rust proof even with people on AR who've dropped them into the sea and although willie-gunn says you need to full length size I've been neck sizing for mine for years with no problem. The only reloading problem with mine is that it shoots most factory ammo more accurately as I can possibly shoot and so reloading is nearly pointless. It is also the case that it shoots most ammo to the same point of aim - Federal Factory, my Hornaday Spire Point reloads and my Partition reloads all land in the one group.

    I guess that in part it comes down to how you view your "hobby." If your hobby is "guns" then you don't want a Blaser as you don't need to change triggers, and change barrels to get it shooting right, and bed the action, and change the bolt knob and so on. However, if your hobby is stalking and you just want to pick up the rifle and get out after some deer then the Blaser makes a very efficient tool for the job.
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