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    Guys if I wanted to put in for another calibre would I need to go down the route of farmers letters ect I have a 308 but really fancy a 6.5x55. As well , or do I just apply and put down that is going to be used on the same grant as when I first applied regards Chris.

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    Just fill out the relevant sections of Form 101 - no referees, permission letters, etc. required.

    If you have a spare slot for anything - including moderators - that you don't need, then a one-for-one variation is possible for free.

    Don't forget to include any others that you are still authorised to acquire - some FLDs have a habit of missing them off if not reminded.

    Keep a photocopy of your current FAC 'just in case'.

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    Thanks orion do you think best if I mention I want to use it for certain deer say 308 for fallow and 6.5 for roe or would you just put stalking cheers Chris.

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    You need to show good reason for each calibre you hold. I'm afraid "I fancy one" wouldn't be classed as good reason to allow you another calibre that does a fairly similar job.

    You need to come up with something that will differentiate the two weapons. Perhaps you want a .308 for field work and the 6.5 x 55, with a shorter barrel, for woodland work? There are many reasons to give that would be accpeted, but "I really really want one" isn't one of them.

    Good luck!

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    Why restrict yourself to certain species. Just put deer and foxes, of course if you travel for any shooting you don't want to have a specific foxing calibre sitting in the car whilst out stalking

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    Thanks that sort of makes it clear but do I need a farmers letter to state that I could shoot his foxes?

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    That depends on what your existing written permission letter states. If it says only that you are allowed to shoot deer, then they'll want proof that you have permission to shoot foxes before allowing a calibre for fox to be added. If your letter says that you can shoot deer and other animals as required then that would probably cover you, but it's as well to get specfic permission I guess.

    That said, you might still have problems, as they could turn round and say that you have a calibre suitable for foxes already, so what is your good reason for having another.

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    Good point matt I have only deer on my ticket and it's coming up for renewal next march so I think I will wait until then and get it on my letters many thanks to all. Chris

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    When you do make your varaiation or renwal application it might be an idea to simply put 'deer and any other lawful quarry' against all rifles in the 'reason' column. You don't state which police FLD you come under, but some are enlightened enough to be using the AOLQ condition - it saves them admin time and effort and the shooter hassle. Here in D&C they often use just the one AOLQ condition for all rifles and ammo when an FAC is 'open'.

    I certainly wouldn't apply for one calibre for x species of deer and another for y species - might work out too restrictive if they took it literally. You can always deal with any FEO questions by saying you want a short, lightweight woodland stalking rifle and another for more open or hill stalking though.

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