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Thread: Recomend a knife..........

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    Recomend a knife..........

    Im toying with the idea of getting myself a nice looking knife. I have 2 functional sharp knives which I use but fancy a nice wooden handled knife. I have been looking and have decided a Buck knife isnt for me. Im thinking along this line of knife, without the fire thingy..........................

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    That's a nice looking knife.

    Appreciate Dougster's current Stalker Knife in a different price bracket, but would heartily recommend dropping him a line - he does other stuff and a fine line in re-handling blades etc. The custom touch really shows through - my Maple handle knife from him just doesn't photograph - in the 'flesh' the finish has an ephemeral glow.

    Dougster a friend and we do have a business relationship distinct from work he does direct.

    I am also contractually obligated to keep going on about the size of his nose.

    Just so everything open.
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    It's a beautiful knife, I bought the same knife but with the damascus steel. However, I always use my stainless steel EKA folding knife, the Karesuando is too nice to spoil with blood!
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    +1 for Dougster's knives, they are stunning.

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    In the classifieds here on SD there was a listing for a set (two in one sheath) of Deerhunter knives. This have laminated wood scales.

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    Roch is selling one of his hand made knifes on this site now. Think he is looking for around £85 ?

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    I'm using a little Martini Silver at the moment and I'm very impressed with the blade quality.

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    Nice looking field knife, I'd look to the model without the gimmicky firestarter and save a few pounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountainstalker View Post
    Nice looking field knife, I'd look to the model without the gimmicky firestarter and save a few pounds.
    Im in with your thinking, I dont want a "fire starter"!!! But I like the look of that knife. A thanks to all who have posted their thoughts.


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    if i was looking for another knife i would need to know what i was using it for when i made mine i had a specific job in mind which was to be able to reach the heart for bleading out and to be used for the atlas joint and also thin enough to use on an anal canal on deer so ask yourself what its for if you want it for skinning and opening up a beast that will work a treat but you will struggle to blead a deer with it so you might need two or look for one thats specific. my blade turned out well but i wasnt too hot on my handle but i think i will do another with antler also my sheith was abit long and over time i bent the end so i have learnt alot . i have just seen a link on another forum for a laguiole knive kit and i always fancied one but didnt like the price so i will get the kit for that as it will be a great knife to carry for genral use,atb wayne
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