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Thread: scope woes!

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    scope woes!

    I use my .308 on the range as well as for deer and its wearing a Burris Fullfield 11 3-9x40 at the minute, the scope has accounted for deer in different conditions and produces pretty good groups out to 300 yards on the range. i think its a crackng little scope but i need a bit more mag for the range. I bought a scope recently which had everything i needed, but for some reason the reticle looked washed out when looking at dark, shaded areas so it went back. I bought a Meopro 4-12x50 yesterday after going to the shop for the 6-18x50 that had sold out. Looked great in the shop and down the road, a bit more mag and a thinner ret too. Looked through it last night as the light was going and its clearer around the edges than the Burris but the Burris is clearer where it counts in the centre, also found theres not much difference going from 9-12 mag. Had my eyes tested recently and alls ok, the Burris is a cheap scope, the Meopro while not expensive is rated around Conquest quality. Pals of mine have Duralyts and fixed Swaros and Schmidts that i have used and to be honest they did not seem any better to my eyes than the Burris, i can see the quality of the build but cannot see the difference in the glass. I have used the Burris till it was dark enough that i would not take a shot and its been spot on. Would i have to spend a fortune to instantly tell a scope was a mile ahead of the Burris optically or is there something wrong with my eyes and i am kidding myself on rating the Burris?
    Sorry about the long post but i cannot keep buying scopes and returning them.

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    My take on this, I have an 8X56 S&B, is that there are a lot of scopes which are adequate for deer stalking. Like you I often shoot at last light and it is usually the case that I've decided it is too dark to shoot before the scope would become the limiting factor.

    I've had to reassess my position on scopes after playing with a Nickel - it was a lovely scope and optically better than any of the "big name" scopes I've played with. However, the truth of the matter is that my S&B is not the limiting factor on my shooting and so there would be little or no advantage in having a "better" scope. It also seems to me that for many people marketing and advertising drives their view of what is "better" and what they "need" and while I'm all for people having a choice I remain to be convinced that everyone who upgrades is actually increasing their ability to go deer stalking with the latest marketing offering from one of the big names.

    So, I think you need to ask yourself if your Burris is adequate for your job and if it is then it would seem to me perfectly reasonable that you rate it. However, there are some people who quite reasonably want "the best" and in that case these people may be paying a lot of money for features (or more likely with many of the big names marketing effort) that may not add to their ability to shoot a deer but may considerably add to their enjoyment of ownership or use of the scope.

    Each to their own I guess.
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    Not every ones eye seem to work quite the same. I was having troubles with my Pecar 3-7x36 with focus but the Pecar Champion 4x36 was fine. I came to the conclusion there is a difference in the way the lenses are set up in both scopes.

    I have several Meopta scopes, no variables though, and they suit me fine.

    Now the ideal situation is for you to be able to try the scope in the field ........................................ yeah I know but looking through a shop window down the street with it held in your hands just ain't going to cut it.

    Now I ahve never met him or been there only read the good reports here but perhaps it might be worth your while taking your rifle to Carlton Moor and after talking to him trying a scope out on the range if that's possible. Just a thought.

    I don't have anything suitable sorry or you could try it out.

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