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Thread: 200 YRD BLOOD TRAIL !!

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    200 YRD BLOOD TRAIL !!

    just thought i would share and experience i had this morning with a client .
    to cut a long story short .... he shot a muntjac buck in the chest , text book H/L shot ........ in no word of a lie it ran over 220 paces with 90% of its blood and lung left on the trail , into rough cover ..... we found it 20 mins stone dead ....... as you would expect !!

    just interested if any one else has has a munty run that far ?
    ive shot more than my fair share of the little buggers but never seen one go that far before ........

    your thoughts would be welcome


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    Tough little buggers aren't they? Has a smallish muntie doe run 40 metres after being squarely heart shot with 150 grains of .308 before dropping dead.

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    I've had experiences like this before. I remember shooting one and it ran off as though I hadn't even hit it. I went to where it had been standing and found blood, followed it, and discovered the little blighter some 60-70 yards away. On gralloching it had no heart left at all!

    If you look in the trophy room (on the 3-legged roe doe thread) you'll see a photo of a muntjac with only two legs.

    I think munties are fascinating, one of the oldest deer that has barely changed since prehistoric times. Why some people call them vermin I've no idea, as the venison is delicious.


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    i know exactly what you are saying ....... i find them so interesting i loveto watch them from a high seat grubbing about like an old pig
    but back to the blood ....... ive had fallow and roe run 100- 150 but never 200 - 220 ...... and with 1 lung on the trail and the other smashed so pulp !!
    cheers lee

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    Here's one in my garden yesterday................

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    what a fine picture ! if that was in one of my land owners garden they would have me camped out in a tent untill i got the little blighter ....... lol i always tell the land owners i shoot more than i do, with a little fiddleing of the figures keeps them happy ......... i feel sorry for them people see them as vermin ...... i see them as one of the hardest deer in the uk to shoot and a formidable quary !!


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    Martin will you stop showing them steps !!!!
    soon you will have a posse of us in your bathroom/bedroom plying for a look!.I wish my suburbia had such an interesting outlook.

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