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  • Most days

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Thread: Part 3 - How many hours do you spend on the ground?

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    Part 3 - How many hours do you spend on the ground?

    Outings specific to deer related activity whether it be damage assessment, census work, observation or stalking.

    Hopefully this is all of interest to forum members.

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    not enough... that stuff called work gets in the way.

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    Ade C,
    Likewise, it's a balance between what time I'd like to devote and how much I reasonably can.
    Stalks lasting a couple of hours can do, the others maybe take more like a full day.
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    If I spend enough or too much time out depends who you ask in my house

    Depends a lot the season,species,guests and work but probably min 3 hours a week and max 24 hours a week.


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    I have many more opportunities to observe deer rather than to shoot them. Here on the Isle of Wight deer are extremely scarce and it can be quite a challenge to track them down.atb Tim

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    Spend a lot of time out looking for foxes, but if i saw a suitable deer would take it, so dont neccessarily dont set off looking for deer....

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    I try to visit each patch at least once a month just to get an idea of whats around.

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