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    lesson learned

    i picked up my first rifle at christmas time and just wanted to go to pick it up and head straight to the range to get shooting so i had asked for it to be screw cut beforehand so all i had to do was pick it up. i had never been 100% happy with it always thinking(rightly or wrongly) it should be a little more accurate and consistent apart from any inconsistancy and lack of ability on my part, well i eventually had it checked out yesterday by steve kershaw. it turns out the crown had been buggered by whoever had done the job originally and the screwcutting itself wasnt much cop either and it also turns out that my atec mods bore wasnt "straight" either so a couple of hours later and a few quid lighter we headed to steves range to try it out. i cant believe the difference it made having the job done properly, i wish id used him in the first place now but it was worth every penny to get my confidence in the rifle back. definatley a lesson learned and go by reputation not just getting a job done quickly. it now turns out .5 inch groups with me shooting (so god only knows what its capable of with someone who can shoot) and the mod doesnt come loose after a few shots. im an extremely happy bunny once more

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    Ditto that for steve kershaw, my mate went up to see steve about having a new rifle made, as he was disapointed in the browning x bolt he had, the appointment was on a sunday as well, he came away with a list of what to buy and a headfull of sound advice, he is now the proud owner of a off the shelve rifle he purchased and is as pleased as punch about it. and it is suitable for rebarrelling when required.

    Steve is a sound bloke, he spent over an hour sorting my mate out, at no cost or sale, we need a few more decent people around like that, 100% genuine
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    yeah i have to admit i was unsure what to expect but as you say hes a really good bloke and also explains why things go wrong etc. i couldnt believe how bad the crown looked when i had a peek with the borescope, "massive" chunks appeared to be missing.

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    Yup another +1 for Steve Kershaw - he built me a 20 TAC on a Remmington action I gave him - this little gun constantly shoots >.25 and accasionally in the ones. When I was originally putting my ideas to him, he gave me the time with good sound advice - top man.

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