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Thread: Cumbria Potential bTB hotspot notification

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    Cumbria Potential bTB hotspot notification

    I read this on the Deer Initiative site, published on 2/6/2012
    I am nowhere near but worth publicizing.

    Cumbria - potential TB hotspot notification - CLOSED MAY 2012 | The Deer Initiative

    AHLVA have announced a new potential TB hotspot in Cumbria, and have asked that the following message be circulated as widely as possible:

    Background Information - Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA), Defra and the Welsh Assembly are working together to strengthen existing TB controls. It is important that we work with farmers to help reduce the risk of bovine TB spreading to low incidence areas.

    We are writing to advise you that a potential new bovine TB hotspot has been identified in the Penrith area. To help improve our surveillance in this area, we seek your assistance in helping us to complete a wildlife survey to ascertain whether there is evidence of any wildlife infection.

    Standing Instruction - Article 5 of the Tuberculosis (Deer) Order 1989 requiring all deer carcases which are suspected of being affected with tuberculosis to be reported to the Department. This applies throughout England and Wales.

    Required Action - This information is to remind you that the standing instruction remains valid and it is an important feature of our new TB Control Measures. Please therefore continue to report all such cases to your local AHVLA office for your area.

    For further information please contact:

    David Wild ROD
    Gonzalo Sanchez RVL
    Barton Hall
    Garstang Road
    Preston PR3 5HE

    Tel: 01772 861144
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