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Thread: mossberg hushpower pump 20g

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    mossberg hushpower pump 20g

    hi there,

    thinking about buying a silenced 20g mossberg,

    is anyone using one and what do you think off them

    regards marshall

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    In my experience , hush powers suffer a little with accuracy . And theyre heavy !

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    Mate of mine had one and found it very muzzle heavy, swapped it for the O/U version.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    I have a 410 pump action , its very good

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    I bought one in the summer of 2011 (Mossberg 500 Hushpower 20G) but was actually given a 'Mossberg Maverick 88' with Hushpower conversion- which I only discovered ones I came home. So I complained and asked for an exchange - there are some significant differences between the 500/590 and 'Maverick 88'.
    Currently I am still waiting for an exchange - my email correspondence with the supplier is extensive and rather farcical.
    There seems to be a massive shortage of Mossberg p/a shotguns in 20G.
    So be aware that you get the gun you order!

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    Great for ratting in an urban back garden. Close range so "accuracy" isn't the main factor.


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