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Thread: Penetrative bullets?

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    Penetrative bullets?

    Ok guys, strange question time...

    Can anyone suggest a load for 25-06 or .300 winmag with alot of penetrating power?

    I was at a weekend long barbeque with my mates sat/sun past, one of which designs & tests body armour for a living.
    Long story short he was waffling on about all the full auto guns he was getting to play with at work & how well the armour stopped the hits.

    I told him that a full auto .223/5.56mm was all fine & well, but id like to see the same armour tested against a bolt action rifle of large bore caliber... to which he replied "ok then put your money where your mouth is, what you got?"

    We are going fishing on the river Dee in August & whichever one of us is proved wrong will be paying for the day (125 each)

    I really dont want this armour to stand up to one of my rifles as apart from the money side of it id feel a little bit of a numpty after a drunken rant of "your sh*tty stab vest wont sustain a hit from the winmag"...

    Any opinions/suggestions welcome.

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    Yes some of my home loads. But I don't think your big enough to handle it. Lol.
    120 sierra soft points.
    Cheers Andrew

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    300 win mag
    180 gr spbt ,72 grains of n160 is what my rifle is using atb wayne
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    I was speaking last year to a guy from a company based in ireland about what bullets they would stop, he told me they only stop hand gun bullets. now thats the ones we use, so i surpose it depends what sort he is going to let you shoot at.

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    Load up some Nosler partitions or Corelokts and get them moving...and dont forget to post pics of the results. I am kinda thinking he wont want to be wearing the vest for the test

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek View Post
    Barnes solids
    Even better!.............

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    You can get .30 cal Armour piercing bullets which have a black tip. I'm not sure they would be legal in this country though? There is a 30.06 M2 AP round. Google .30 cal armour piercing and you'll find it.
    Might be cheating a bit though!

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    I dont think its going to be a bog standard ballistics vest, he plans to beef it up slightly & make it a little thicker than the normal lightweight version to make it a "fairer" test.

    It will probably be alot heavier than the normal vest & you wouldnt want to be the one wearing it, but for what were looking at it for it wont matter.

    Being heavier/thicker than the normal vest i will need a bit more punch to penetrate it.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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    Good old FMJ's will penetrate more than any expander, even the likes of the partitions and bondeds.
    Barnes or any monolithic will be as good as it goes.

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