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Thread: reloading manual

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    reloading manual

    Hi sorry for this you are all probably fed up with this question but I am thinking of starting to reload my own which manual would you recomend

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    Richard Lee or the powder and bullet manufacturers web sites.
    There is also reloaders nest forum.
    I have a copy of the Lee book 2nd edition for sale. 17.50 posted.
    There are probably people in your area who would offer to show you the ropes for a couple of beers.

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    speer are good but try and get one that makes or lists the bullets you are likely to use , they will be more helpfull then

    also never stick at one as two will double your learning on the subject
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    Not sure if this will help as well

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    Try the 'Advanced search' at the top right of your screen. There are loads of hits for what you want to know.

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    I have Lee and Speer. Both very useful with different loads. Lee lists more data, speer a bit limited in bullet weights but useful all the same. I also search the internet for some more specific loads. (87grns HPBT)

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