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    i hope it is ok for me to also offer a swap and i am not breaking any rules.i live on anglesey north wales i am in small shoot with great bunch of lads and we all have guest days .a good day would be decoying geese over barleystuble day break. a few pheasant drives. if late in the season we have fantastic woodcock shooting and duck last thing before a few pints in the local. is anyone interested in swaping this for some stalking. i also have a 16 foot orkney and some great bass fishing if you are experianced boat handler you are welcome to use boat.the end of june onwards with live sandeel is very productive, some big fish taken with small joey mackrel always plenty of these about.
    if you are not familiure with boats i will of course take you out. free food and a bed included spare kennels for dogs aswell.

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    Toad i thought someone would of snapped your hand off for a swap with what you have on offer. im sure someone will take you up on this.

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    If i had some land with deer and had ever been out stalking before i would love to help you out unfortunately im still trying to get into the sport. All i could offer was some pigeon shooting, rabbit lamping and a very good place to fish for barbel.

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    thanks for that lads . its stalking im after . i have done plenty of roe stalking i would love to add a munty or a fallow to to my list .

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    Your not kenny by any chance are you?

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    Yes mate it is. Is this matt Paul Hulme mate small world pm me your number I will give you ring . How's that dog
    Out of chew/wolf doing

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