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Thread: Reloaders: Wilson/Sinclair Case Trimmer

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    Reloaders: Wilson/Sinclair Case Trimmer


    I may have the opportunity to have brought over from the US a Wilson Case Trimmer/Sinclair Micrometer - any suggestions where these can be purchased?

    I usually tend to get odd bits n pieces from Cabelas but they dont seem to do these items. Cliffs Gunsmithing seems to Forster only.

    Suggestions/Guidance would be appreciated.


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    Sinclair Int, I have bought stuff from them when in the States and had it delivered there without a problem. Always had top service from them.

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    Thank you for the lead.


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    As above, I've bought that exact item from Sinclair with no problems.

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    I would suggest dealing with Sinclair direct, also.

    They're a top company and I have gear sent by them from The States. Service is superb and their turnaround is very quick.


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    Thanks for all the information - will get ordered through Sinclair, who, from my initial fiddling around on web, now seem to be part of Brownells.


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