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Thread: PH no.85 Catalogue

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    PH no.85 Catalogue


    Clearing out stuff collected over the years I have found the above - shows my first centrefire rifle - the M81! It has the addendum/eratum. It shows handguns that we used to be able to hold/use...........

    It would be wasted if recycled - let me know if it would 'complete' a collection.


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    Not complete but my copy of the #85 is a bit tatty. If you need a good home I have one here for it . I'll even give you something for it.

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    Drop me the posting details and its yours.

    Its free and am pleased that it will go to an 'enthusiast'.

    If you feel stongly about it donation to CLIC otherwise somewhere along the line it all works out.


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    PM sent and thank you once again

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