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Thread: .308 please help

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    .308 please help

    Please help, I know that there are some good recipies on here for .308 but like a plank I've mislaid my loading manual, if I tell you what I've got can someone please give me an appropiate recipe..

    To be used in my Howa 1500 .308.

    Sierra pro hunter 150 grain Spitzer
    Viht N140
    Federal brass
    magtech primers

    Basically what I'm after is powder weight and overall length.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for being a pain.

    Cheers Andy

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    4th Edition of the Sierra Reloading manual says:
    308 Win 150gr. Spitzer BT
    OAL 2.750
    40.0: 2500 fps
    41.7: 2600 fps
    43.4: 2700 fps
    45.0: 2800 fps

    Personally, I've tried 44.0 gr of N140 with a Speer 150gr BT SP with my .308 Howa today and it put 3 shots into less than 1" @ 100 yards... No signs of excess pressure.

    I've found that the magazine box is quite long so you can get the length out to more than 2.800" easily if necessary.

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    Thanks Mat, your a gent.

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    on you can download the sierra manual section for the .308

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    Thanks Bucksden, downloaded and work in progress.

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    I have just had my first dabble at homeloading .308 rounds, the thing that I wanted to achieve was better grouping than I was getting with the factory loads. So today I was at one of the farms that we shoot, we were just murdering Moles and I had taken the .308 with me. I went into a field where it was safe and put a few shots through the Howa at 100 yards.. Conditions were bright but a blustery wind, 1 shot slightly wayward but in the conditions I was very pleased. The squares are 1 cm.

    This is the group. Job done..

    The rounds are running at 2700 feet per second, using 150 grain Sierra Pro-Hunter soft point, 43.1 grains of Viht N140 powder, Fedral cases and Magtech primers. Rifle is a standard Howa 1500 .308 with a P8 moderator and a Nikko Gold 9 x scope. .

    Thanks for the help guys.

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