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Thread: Synthetic stock for SAKO M591

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    Synthetic stock for SAKO M591

    Wanted Synthetic stock for SAKO M591

    all types considered

    thanks guys

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    All the best with this one mate, I was after one last year for mine and never found one!! Knowing my luck you'll have one by the end of the day!! Good luck,

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    ooooohhhh good luck

    saying that ....i was looking for one for a left hand action and thought "no bloody way"

    guy contacted me he had a mcmillan left handed stock for it.....not beautiful colours but a cracking stock none the less....

    i did email Mcmillan direct in the US and ask if they did them and he said yup no problems

    how or who you would import it thru i have no idea ...maybe email and ask as im unsure if thats an item you can get out of the states these days.

    never know ...someone might come back to you with a cracker


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    No problem me getting stuff out of the US, only seen short and long actions for sale though !

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