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Thread: rcbs trim case machine

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    rcbs trim case machine

    hi has any body use one of these

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    I use the Wilson case trimmer:

    Which looks to be the same sort of thing (apologies if I've got it wrong!).

    It makes case trimming a breeze. I got mine off eBay a couple of years ago and wish I'd got one sooner. It uses a calibre-specific trimmer case holder that you can also as an easy check on case length.

    Given that most of the time spent on reloading is on case preparation, I'm all for tools that make life easier


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    I've got one mate, infact I've just walked away from it. What do you need to know?

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    How many calibers are you planning to trim?~Muir

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    These might be of some use:

    This second video is quite interesting, although I think the guy is a closet mime artist!

    I use the third method with the Lee kit to trim. The only thing I would say against it is that you can't alter the length the cases are trimmed to...I'm not sure why you would need to the length, but I'm told thats the benifit of the Wilson, RCBS and similar systems...

    If you reload in the shed, with the Lee system you can put the drill in a vice to hold it so the case is vertical...this really makes things slick...As an alternative, some the Yanks actually use the Lee timmers in a small hobbiest bench/pillar drill, but I don't trim enough brass to go to those lengths..



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    hi danger mouse yes i need to know if you can cut the two pin plug off and replace with a normal plug

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    Are you talking about a manual trimmer like the Wilson, or the RCBS Case Prep Centre which is mains powered?

    If the main poweder one, it should say on it if its meant for use with American 110V mains or British 220V...

    If it has a 2 pin plug, I suspect its meant for 110V, and you would need a voltage adaptor to use it in our 220Vs..



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    hi pete sorry its the rcbs case prep centre its 240 v but has a 2 pin shaving plug on it, oh and the videos are great help btw

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    I have the RCBS case prep centre, all you need to do is buy a US to UK plug adaptor.

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    hi elwood any idear where i might get one from

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