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Thread: Not stalking - Look what I caught!

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    Not stalking - Look what I caught!


    A salutary lesson in not leaving kit set-up and accessible!

    Treble removed by my good lady in my absence (a rare treasure that one!) And no lasting harm done. She was back to causing inordinate trouble within an hour or two.....

    First of the year, a fresh run 8kg labrador bitch puppy......

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    Nasty things treble hooks, I managed to attach myself to an old towel by the web of my thumb once.

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    Lucky man ! to get away without a large vets bill. Crackin lookin pup did she put up much of a fight an how long did it take you to land her .

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    She's a bonny looking puppy.
    Glad to hear she's OK.
    Make sure you don't leave your wallet within her reach (I speak from experience!).

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    She's a topper, and a handful.

    Reeled her in quick to reduce distress!

    Dogs and kids, you need eyes on the back of your head.......

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    She can do without the jewellry though!

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    friend of mine caught a herring gull once!
    took him bloody hours to reel it in!

    she looks very passive for a puppy with a hook through its lip!
    hard as nails! will go far

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    Had it been a dog pup you could have called him Toby.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    A sad face says it all, what a cracking looking pupu.

    I recall was running down the river leaven in scotland when i was a wee lad, carrying my dads beloved fishing bag (a old post office mail mans bag.) fell R's over elbow and landed with my right hand in the bag , on removing my hand i found that there was about 8 types of hooks including some grey dunn flies small tipple hooks and some size 16 ones too.

    boy i let out such a cry my dad must have thought i was being killed,

    all removed with the use of some small pliers a few bags of crisps and a class of pop in the pub on the way home.

    nasty shock is what that was,

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    Looks like She has finished with the small stuff, & now waiting for the sword.
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