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Thread: Lamping Rabbits from a Tent - Any Thoughts/Advice?

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    Lamping Rabbits from a Tent - Any Thoughts/Advice?

    Afternoon everyone!

    I've been thinking it might be fun to spend a night lamping bunnies from a tent and wondered if anyone had any thoughts/advice.*

    I occasionally lamp a particular field from a vehicle using a .22. There's normally about 3-6 rabbits in there but only get the chance of 1 or 2 before they scarper. *The plan is to pitch a tent in the gateway of the field with some netting over the top and lamp the rabbits from the tent until the rabbits stop coming or I get sleepy. I'll then wake up just as the sun's coming up and bag a few more before breakfast. I might even pile the bunnies up at the top of the field and see if Mr. Fox comes to visit.*

    The field has a wood running alongside which I hope stocks enough bunnies to keep a steady stream of them coming out. However, I've never done this type of rabbiting before and wonder whether any will venture out after the 1st few shots have scared the 1st bunch back into the wood.*

    I have a non-FAC air rifle, .22lr, .17 hmr and .223 at my disposal (all*suppressed), I usually favour the .22 for lamping rabbits due it being a good compromise between range and noise, however I'm open to suggestions if people think that more or less range will be necessary due to how wary of the tent/shots the bunnies are likely to be. *

    Any thoughts or advice very much appreciated!

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    Tried that 40+ years ago, didn't work as we made so much noise getting up and undoing the varrious zips. May work if you leave it up long enough for them to become accustomed to it, however you will need to remember the prevailing wind direction and be v v quiet.

    Good luck


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    try a pop up cammo hide . I think i would snare them myself

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    Just hide shooting, but from a tent, no difference. If you camo the tent it will work just as well.

    This method has been very effective for me in some areas.

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    Using a moderated .22 I don't think you'll scare them away.
    I have been shooting rabbits the last few days from just lying in the middle of a field, about 60 yards from hedge and bank. Once I'm in position it only takes about 10 mins for the rabbits to reappear, and even if they do take fright at a shot then they're back again in a few minutes. If I am in place at 8 pm then I get a steady evening of shooting until it gets too dark to see down the scope. I usually knock off about 10.30pm so I can use the last of the light to collect up the bunnies I've shot.

    A dusk and dawn outing like you're suggesting sounds like a very pleasant way to pass the time.

    However, at dawn the rabbits will be less inclined to reappear after being startled as they will have been feeding under cover of darkness so won't need to come out again to eat. At dusk the rabbits are hungrier (after having been underground during the day) so will be much bolder.
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    Thanks for the replies guys, especially VSS, that's very reassuring/motivating to get my ass in gear for next weekend.

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